St Davids High School

Religious Studies


The Religious Studies department falls under the heading of Humanities and is part of a team with Geography and History.

We cover four of the major six religions over the five years of lessons and all pupils sit a short course GCSE at the end of year 11.

Every year we are legally obliged to teach the religion of Christianity and in year 7 we focus on Hinduism, year 8  we look at Judaism in detail and in year 9 we study Islam.

Our topics range from worship and sacred buildings and items, to the Holocaust and evolution versus creation. We have various speakers coming into school to discuss various topics and we have trips to the local church and more recently a residential three day trip to Poland to visit the Galicia museum of Jewish history, meeting a holocaust survivor and Auschwitz concentration camp.


Poland Visit 2017

Poland Visit 2017On Friday September 22nd 2017 students and staff from St David's High School began a three day visit to Krakow, Poland on a Humanities based trip. The pupils and staff made the journey to focus on World War 2 from a History and Religious Studies perspective.

The visit took in the Galicia Museum and exhibits, a meeting with a survivor of the Holocaust, a four hour guided tour of the old sights of Krakow including a ghetto and the castle. They also visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp with a guide who explained the details of Jewish prisoner life, the medical experiments carried out and the treatment of the prisoners of the camp. The whole school trip was very reflective and pupils were praised for their respect and politeness by the guides on the various tours  despite the cold weather.