St Davids High School


In Saint David’s High School Science Department we pride ourselves on providing an excellent grounding for our learners to be able to achieve their very best in all aspects of Science. We provide many practical opportunities throughout the school year to ensure that our learners are engaged and inspired.

KS3 Science

Years 7-9 are all about inspiring our learners to aim high and achieve their very best. We provide our learners with a variety of opportunities to learn new skills and build on many of the skills that they already possess. 

There is a practical assessment each term investigating concepts from simple speed and distance thought to more complex investigations such as respiration rate. During these assessments we are assessing basic skills such as; measuring,scale reading, ability to choose and use formula, language skills and analytical skills. Ensuring that the basic underpinnings of scientific knowledge and skills are there to enable a successful transition for their GCSE years.


GCSE Science

At St David's High School we follow the WJEC scheme of work, providing Double Award Science as a core subject and Triple Award Science as part of the option choices. There are units dedicated to each of the separate Sciences.

Double Science

In Year 10 learners study a unit of Biology, Chemistry and Physics covering such topics as; plants, animals and ecosystems, the periodic table, rates of reaction, ever changing earth, electricity and wave features. 

In Year 11 learners study the next unit of Biology, Chemistry and Physics covering topics including; cells and DNA, chemistry of metals and hydrocarbons, speed and time,  Newtons laws, space and radiation.

Triple Science

Follow exactly the same units as Double Science with the addition of another three units one from each of the specialised sciences covering topics including; homeostasis, microbes and their uses, reversible reactions, chemicals in industrial processes, waves, electromagnetism, motion concepts and nuclear decay.