St Davids High School

Student Leadership Team Introduction

Welcome to the St. David’s High School website. We are the Student Leadership Team and we take pride in ensuring that students have a say.

Both students and teachers at St. David’s believe in hard work and determination. The staff is really supportive and helpful, and they believe that students’ education comes first. The atmosphere here at St. David’s is great and you will always be given a warm welcome to our school community.

Other plans for 2018/2019 include: As members of the Senior Leadership Team, we are regularly involved in recruiting new staff to the school as well as interviewing our own staff for internal promotions. During 2018/2019 we will also be working with the Headteacher to plan, design and implement a new Student Support Centre for those students that need that extra bit of help.

  • creating a new school newspaper;
  • improving dining facilities in the canteen (in particular the school menu);
  • increasing the number of students who get involved in developing the school;
  • creating greater links with local primary schools.

We really look forward to meeting you in the near future.

The Student Leadership Team.