St Davids High School

Work Experience 2019

Work experience Monday 8th July-Friday 19th July

Work experience should help the students involved to understand how an employing organisation functions and:

  • experience a working environment at first hand.
  • experience and have the opportunity to develop social relationships in a working environment.
  • understand issues of Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities.
  • discover and experience the expectations that employers and employees have of fellow workers.
  • develop a positive attitude towards their school studies by seeing the application of those studies in a working environment.

Please find all relevant Work Experience forms by following the links below:

Employers Forms:

Sheet 1-Aims and ObjectivesSheet 2-Tasks not to be Undertaken

Sheet 3- Checklist for Employers Employer Consent Form

SDHS Risk Assessment Work Experience. From Employer for Parents

Parental Forms:

SDHS Parental Consent Form SDHS Parent Letter Work Experience

If you require any further information please contact Miss Edge via email: